Powerline is a fancy tweak for the shell on Linux. If you want to roll it out to multiple machines you can use Ansible. I wrote a playbook for that.

Install Powerline in bulk

Installing Powerline is a tedious work. Not only need the packages be installed but there are also multiple configuration files to be tweaked. A good introduction to Powerline is given in this article on fedoramagazine.org: Add power to your terminal with powerline.

In the moment one wants to install powerline to multiple Fedora Linux machines, Ansible can be the tool of choice. In a playbook, all the settings can be stored and then rolled out to multiple machines at once.

Ansible playbook in VS Code

My playbook to install and configure Powerline on Fedora 32 can be downloaded from Github:


Further reading

A really quick introduction into how to get started with Ansible:

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Where the settings come from:

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Ansible documentation

Red Hat. (2019a). blockinfile – Insert/update/remove a text block surrounded by marker lines — Ansible Documentation. Retrieved July 19, 2020, from https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/modules/blockinfile_module.html

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