This article describes the steps to install a cyberJack smart card reader in Fedora 29. I used the following models for my tests:

  • cyberJack RFID standard (2011-07)
  • cyberJack RFID basis Contactless Smartcard Reader (2010-43)

Install the smart card framework

Install the PC/SC Lite smart card framework and applications:

sudo dnf install pcsc-lite pcsc-cyberjack

Restart your PC (for some reason I could not get the reader working without reboot)

Install OpenSC

You can use the OpenSC software tools and libraries to access your cards. This is not needed for the Open eCard Services. Install it like this:

sudo dnf install opensc

Access your German ID Card and government services with Open eCard

Open eCard App in Gnome on Fedora 29

The Open eCard Framework was launched in 2005 by the German government. It’s also running well in Linux.

Your can download an .rpm-file for Fedora Linux from their website:

Install it with this command:

sudo rpm -Uv Downloads/Open-eCard-App-1.3.0.rpm

After installing Open eCard you can start it in Gnome. It will run in background and opens a local service through which ID card transactions are done.

You can now use your browser (I tested this in Chrome) and access a website where you can use your ID card. For example the German Kraftfahrtbundesamt:

Photo used in title: Johann Böhm [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons